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Flower can Frangipani

Floral greetings by MacFlowers!

The small flower cans are a lovely gift for young and old or even for yourself.

You can see how the flowers are germinating and growing and you will be enjoyed about the progress and flowering.
The cans contain a dry mineral granulate and organic seeds.
You just have to keep the granulate dump and to place the can on a bright and sunny place.

This is how it works:

• Remove the upper lid and pour water (0,1l / 3,4oz) slowly and carefully into the can.
• Place the can at a warm and sunny place. Keep the granulate dump but don ́t water too much.
• When the plants have germinated don ́t water them directly under a stream, they could be washed away.
   Best is using a flower sprinkler.
• When the plant has grown up you may fertilize regularly like you do with other plants.

Size of the can: height 8 cm x diameter 7,5 cm

The tin cans are 100% recyclable.

Made in Germany:
Filled and assembled in Germany. The seeds are organic and from German and Netherland suppliers.

All parts are from Germany and no long distance transports are required.

  • Size: height 8 cm, diameter 7,5 cm
  • RRP: € 5,99, Made in Germany
  • The lovely cans contain everything for the plants need.
  • Organic content and German/Netherland quality seeds.
  • Instructions and informations attached.
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